Saturday, January 17, 2009

GTD Thirty Day Challenge Overview

Getting Things Done GTD Thirty Day Challenge

Here is the outline for the challenge. With this outline, you'll have a roadmap of the challenge and where it is headed. Over time, I'll complete the challenge. Be patient as this is just a hobby for me.

Intro: Welcome to the GTD Thirty Day Challenge

1. How to set up your inboxes
2. How to use a capture tool
3. How to set up your email
4. How to set up your trash
5. How to set up your calendar
6. How to set up a tickler file
7. How to set up your next action lists
8. How to set up your someday/maybe
9. How to set up you’re A-Z reference files
10. How to set your projects
11. How to set your project files
12. How to set up your waiting for
13. How to set up your next actions
14. How to get everything collected
15. How to handle your backlog
16. How to process your inbox to zero
17. How to use the two minute rule
18. How to get in to empty (the Holy Grail of GTD)
19. How to use a checklist
20. How to get it all out of your head
21. How to process your context lists
22. How to handle falling off the bandwagon
23. How to complete your weekly review
24. How to put it all together
25. Should I use paper or digital?
26. The higher altitudes
27. Keeping it all organized
28. What to do each day
29. Common GTD mistakes
30. How to become a black belt at GTD

Conclusion to the Thirty Day Challenge